Nursing Covers!

I’m hoping this nursing cover is going to make feeding Charlie in public places much easier than feeding Jack was! Besides the fact that this time around I’ll also be wrangling a toddler, Jack was always kicking the blanket off, etc.

These covers are reversible, so you can nurse in style depending on your mood, and feature a large pocket with toy (or pacifier, etc.) loop and an adjustable neck. The pocket is either an inside or outside pocket, depending on which way you’re wearing the cover. They also have a piece of boning sewn into them for ventilation and so mama can peek in on the nursing baby. You can see how the front of the fabric “pops” out in the first picture.

This cover is the one I made for myself…

DSC04636 DSC04637 DSC04638

… and this is thes matching burp cloth and wipes case I made with fabric scraps.




Here is a cover I made for a friend to give as a baby shower gift! I appliqued a paw print on the front pocket.

DSC04631 DSC04633



One response to “Nursing Covers!

  1. Okay, I will SO need one of these for our future little one (not pregnant that I know of anyway) as I lost my other one!! Totally will be asking you for one of these…love it!

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