a Mei Tai variation

After my first trip to FL alone with the boys (I’ve now successfully completed three!) I decided to make a more structured carrier for my travels. The sling was great, but I was always afraid Charlie would flip right out while I bent over to install Jack’s carseat, etc. And we love our moby wrap(s), but sometimes they’re not the easiest for the on/off on/off of air travel. SO, here’s my mei tai variation.


It’s basically just a square with angled corners at the top. The outside is a remnant home deco fabric I picked up a long time ago (dry clean only, but ha!) and it’s lined with a soft blue minky with stars. Instead of batting, I just used an old piece of fleece inside. It has loooong top straps made of jersey material for easily wrapping around, and the waist strap is jersey, too. Actually, the straps are made of a moby wrap that I cut up since I have 5 and really, who needs 5 moby wraps!


My very favorite part is the hood I added out of brown minky. It’s come so much in handy! This is definitely more of a winter wrap, with the thick materials, and the hood fits perfectly in that capacity. I also wore it as a backpack carrier not too long ago, and the hood still did a great job of protecting Charlie from the rain and wind!

Here are some great directions for different wearing positions with a mei tai.

I think this is the only picture I have of the wrap in action…


I’m thinking of making another mei tai with thinner fabrics for summer. If anyone is interested, I’ll try to type of a tutorial as I go.


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