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Gifts for new babies

A friend’s sister ordered this onesie for baby Zooey- a Z monogram on the front…


and a girlie owl on the back (sorry about the blown out picture)!


My college friend Jess ordered a burrito blankie for her new nephew, whose nursery is blue and white.


So many new little babies!


What we’ve been up to…

Most of these items were finished well before my (Tori’s) maternity leave, but I wanted to finally get them posted to share them!

First, four birthday gifts for some of Jack’s friends…


A birthday outfit for Callie and her sister Madison


A birthday outfit for Lily


Christopher’s birthday shirt


And finally, a birthday monkey for Sophia


Shoes, for little Natalie


A satin lined Burrito Blankie and matching monogrammed burp cloths for a mommy expecting baby Joy. I was so excited about these burp cloths I wanted to keep them… wanna see them closer?!


Love ’em!


A birthday shirt for a special five year-old


Jack’s Halloween shirt (he WOULD NOT) stand still for a good picture! Click here to see other possibilities for Halloween shirt orders… or email us to create your own!


And I don’t think I ever posted a picture of this owl, but I’m thinking it could be a super cute Halloween shirt, in more Hallo-weeny colors, of course!

Blankie Fever

All blankies feature a cotton or flannel print fabric of your choice on one side, and a soft minky or fleece fabric on the other side. They also have ribbon tags for texture, as well as to hook toys to! Blankies come with an applique design on one side, with the option of adding a second design on the other side for $3-6 (depending on design).

The Teenie Blankie $10.00


The teenie blankie is a lovie-sized clutch blankie measuring approximately 12″x12″. It’s perfect for infants just learning to hold things up through toddlers, as a small security object.

The Tot Blankie $12.00


The tot blankie is a medium sized blankie measuring approximately 20″x 22″. It’s great for covering small babies, or as the well-loved blankie of toddlers, without being so big that it drags on the ground.

The Burrito Blankie $15.00

DSC03514 DSC03520

The burrito blankie is a large blankie measuring approximately 30″x 37″. It’s called the burrito blankie because it’s excellent for swaddling a baby like a burrito! It’s also great a a soft floor blankie, crib blankie (for older babies), or wrapping baby up on a cold day!

Silky Soft


Any size blankie can be made with satin edging rather than ribbon tags for an additional $4.00 charge.

Email us at to order a blankie for a little one you love today!