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Capes, Crayon Wallets, I Spy and Dinosaur Train, Oh My!

Jack’s birthday was almost completely homemade. He got a few special gifts from us that I had so much fun making.


First, and his favorite, a shirt based on his favorite show, Dinosaur Train! This was a pain to make, but totally worth it because he LOVES it!


Next a cape for dress up! One one side is a very  modified Super Why logo…


and the other a very simplified Captain Pickles logo.


And, of course, every superhero needs a corresponding mask.

DSC05485 DSC05487

He also got a crayon wallet with a pocket for notebooks, stickers, etc.


And finally, an I Spy bag with a handle. He doesn’t quite understand the concept, since he keeps asking me to “open it!” We’ll save it until he’s a little older.

I Spy

I attached this card to the outside so he can look for particular objects.