Info and Pricing

Applique Designs

DSC04559 Monogrammed T-shirts or Onesies $10 (add $2 for long sleeves)

DSC03918 Big/Little Sis/Bro T-shirts or Onesies $12 (add $2 for long sleeves)

DSC03943 Applique Design T-shirts or Onesies $12 (add $2 for long sleeves)

DSC02980 Applique Design Burp Cloths $6 for 1; $9 for a pair

DSC04624 Monogrammed Tote Bag $8

DSC04604 Applique Design Tote Bag $10

charlie banner Applique Name Banner $2.50 per letter

Hair Accessories

DSC02170 Small Ribbon Bows (Alligator or Snap Clip) $3 for 1; $5 for a pair

DSC02688 Small Felt Applique Clip (Alligator or Snap Clip) $6 for 1; $8 for a pair

DSC04717 Small Flower Ribbon Bow $4 (add $1 for large flower)

(picture coming soon) Small Korker Ribbon Bow $5 (add $1 for large korker)

DSC04720 Infant/Toddler Headband $5

DSC04721 *special savings* 3-in-1 Infant/Toddler Headband with detachable bow or flower $9… clip together for a flower headband, or wear headband or bow separately!

DSC02431 Applique Winter Beanie Hat $8

DSC04715Child or Adult Reversible Headband $8


turquoise tutu 2 One Color $8

(picture coming soon) Two Colors $10

Specialty (custom order) $13

Learning Tools

DSC01514 Soft Book with 6 pages (one applique per page) $18

DSC03137 Applique Bean Bags $1.50 per letter

DSC03134 *special savings* Alphabet Bean Bag Set $35

DSC04328 Learn to Set the Table Placemat Set $15

DSC04332 Child’s Toolbelt $10

DSC04608 Small Play ‘n Store Mat $8

DSC04613 Large Play ‘n Store Mat $12

DSC04596 Reversible Chalkboard/Vinyl Covered Placemat $15


DSC04513 Applique Shirt and Coordinating Skirt $22 (add $2 for long sleeves)

DSC04530 Applique Shirt and Coordinating Cuffed Pants $22 (add $2 for long sleeves)

Nursing Covers, Burp Cloths and Slings

DSC04637 Reversible Nursing Cover with Front Pocket and Boning $25

DSC04325 Designer Prefold Burp Cloth $8 for 1; $12 for a pair

DSC03891 Women’s Fitted Pocket Sling with Front Pocket and Toy Loop $20

(picture coming soon) Reversible Women’s Fitted Pocket Sing $25

DSC04654 Child’s Fitted Pocket Sling $8

DSC04652 Reversible Child’s Fitted Pocket Sling $10


DSC03745 Teenie Blankie (approx. 12″x12″) with Applique Design $10

DSC03711 Tot Blankie (approx. 20″x22″) with Applique Design $12

DSC03729 Burrito Blankie (approx. 30″x37″) with Applique Design $15

*with texture tags, add $2

**with satin edging, add $4

Gift Sets

T-shirt or Onesie with matching two piece hair accessory $16 (add $2 for long sleeves)

Onesie and 1 Burp Cloth matching set $15 (add $2 for long sleeves)

Nursing Cover and Burp Cloth matching set $30

Women’s and Child’s matching pocket slings $25 ($28 for reversible)


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  1. AHHH!!!! How cool! I’m excited, if you can’t tell! You guys are so crafy! Hmmm, something for my little nephew…. I’ll ponder something and get back to you! Love you both! And MISS you!

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